Mentoring and Coaching

A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and/or experience, to help another to develop and grow.

A coach is someone who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential.

To fully understand the needs and requirements of an SMME, a full gap analysis utilising various tools will be implemented.

This process includes:

The Key Benefits of Mentoring and Coaching

Both mentoring and coaching have a range of benefits, which, when conducted correctly can benefit both the individual receiving mentoring and coaching, along with the mentor or coach and the organisation too. Here are some benefits to mentoring and coaching:

• Both mentoring and coaching are extremely effective learning techniques.
• Both mentoring and coaching can be formal and informal, with mentoring often seen more informally and coaching often see more formally.
• Both can increase employee engagement and retention when applied.
• Both mentoring and coaching are easy to implement into any organisation or business structure and increasingly we’re seeing organisations running both.
• Both mentoring and coaching can increase confidence and the interpersonal skills of the person providing the mentoring or coaching, and the person receiving it.
• And finally, both can dramatically improve individual performance.

Our business mentors are skilled business owners with vast experience in the field, as well as experience in mentoring start-up business, scaling techniques and managing growth.

The benefits to the SMME are:

• To maximize knowledge transfer
• To increase the skill levels
• For succession planning
• To maximize knowledge transfer
• Coaching & Mentoring provides a learning channel that effectively transfers knowledge within the organization
• Critical knowledge is maintained in the organization
• Contextual learning is evident
• To increase skill levels
• The coaches and mentors can very effectively transfer core skills
• Customization of skills in relation to the core activities of the business is retained
• Cross training of staff can be achieved
• For succession planning
• The ability for the organization to identify ‘fast track’ candidates and prepare them for new jobs is enhanced by coaching & mentoring
• Coaching & Mentoring can ensure continuity of performance when key staff leave the organization because core skills have been transferred

It makes business sense

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